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Account Gone Online Suddenly

Just Moved In

I have 2 accounts (Home & Mobility) registered under one profile online.  I've always logged in & would see both accounts and would just click on which I'd like to view/pay.  I'd also get email saying bills were ready for both accounts.

My Home account is now gone completely & I did not get an email for my Oct 25th Bill.  It's only showing my mobility account.

I've attempted to register it again - but get the error that it's already registered.  Where did it go?  I need to pay my bill but have no idea on the amount or how to access it now.

Anyone know what would cause this and any way to fix it without having to call?



@GreatWest  On the phone ask for billing  or live agent keep asking again and again. You will be all day with forum . Yu may get a call back i do.

Community Power User
Community Power User

You will need to work with billing to get this sorted out.

Just a long time customer hoping to help.