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Recent email from Telus


Has anyone received an email from Telus showing they have a zero balance on their account? I knew I had a balance and when I logged in, yes I had a balance.

As far as I can tell, this is a legitimate email from Telus billing - the same address I get my my billing notifications from. If you get a similar email, log in to confirm your account balance.



Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for the heads up, and the tip for everyone else! As to the email you received, not sure if it's legitimate so you definitely did the right thing by confirming for yourself. You can also always reach out to us here if you receive something and would like for us to verify its authenticity!

Well that was the issue: there was no easy way to reach out to Telus. Some companies have an email especially for phishing emails. I can forward it to you.

This one looked pretty legit. However, the scammers are getting so sophisticated these days it's hard to tell.