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MPS Download speeds


After upgrading our system to 70MPS ten months ago, and then finding out six months later that we could never get 70MPS we settled in to 50MPS.  But our range was anywhere from 15MPS to 42MPS and only this last month has our system consistently received 50MPS.  What a difference that has made to our connectivity and our ability to zoom and video conference with friends and family in these trying days.  Is this a familiar story to anybody?  (let me add that in all the hours over the past 10 months we have spend online and on the phone with the support staff, they have universally been polite, patient, and helpful, at least when they could help with things that were in their control)


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Community Power User

Are you connected by Fibre or copper? Fibre usually exceeds its advertised speed, but copper has a huge number of barriers to reaching the max advertised speed. Everything from quality of the lines on the poles to those inside your house, and the distance from the telco switch to your home all affect the delivered speed.


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Yup it's copper.  We are years/decades away from fibre.  So I know it is problematic from the beginning.  They claim that anything between 37 and 50 is acceptable, but of course were were oftren getting 14 which did nothing for  our communications.  So much better since they did major tweaking.