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Internet Data Usage "Reset" Even Though It's Not The End of the Pay Period?


So on the My Telus portal, our monthly internet data usage number reset to 0 a few days ago and started accumulating separately, so instead of being closer to 200 gb used, it's closer to 20. However the daily data usage is still showing every day of the month, though it's also showing that it counted September 28th twice.


What do?



Did you make a change to your Internet plan recently? Sometimes when a change is applied it moves the billing period.

No changes to our existing services, and the billing period itself still reads as the correct, normal period we're under.

That's strange then. I guess the important part is that your bill amount is correct and your plan is correct.

The bill is the most important part, but this is also a service problem for how I use Telus internet. We generally use about 190 of 200 gigs per month, and the meter resetting partway through and counting one day twice means the meter itself can't really be trusted to help avoid overage charges, so that's really where I'm at.

Does this happen every month or has it only happened once?

It possible it's just a My TELUS display issue and the real accounting is correct.

It's the only time this specific issue has happened (there've been other hiccups before with the usage meter but I haven't seen it reset like this before).


I assume it's a website problem but I'm also seeing if anyone else was having the problem too