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Boxing Day promo

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Our home agreement for internet and tv expired last June and now we pay $80 plus tax more for the same services without a contract. Boxing day has a sale for a 2 year term at $162 per month plus you get a free gift about $400 value. I pay $218 right now for the same services as a expired customer. I was offered $173 and no free gift to sign for another 2 years. Our old plan was $148 per month back in June. Is my only option to switch to another provider and then switch back in order to get any sort of competitive deal for the next 2 years? I can sign with the competition for 2 years for $149 and get free Disney+ but I don't really want to do that as we have everything including our cell phones through Telus. Is there anyone to talk to in the loyalty department or just the call back operators?


Community Power User
Community Power User

For many years, the deep discounts apply to truly new accounts - in other words to try and convince you to undergo the additional effort to make the switch. Loyalty departments have pretty much ceased to exist, as the CRTC has made switching ever easier.


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