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Account Issues Post Move


My name is Kay.  I recently moved to a new location July 26 (When services were added at new address.).  It says right under HOME SERVICES, that my account has 4 of them.  Problem is it only lists 3, phone, internet, and tv.  There is no4th one.  When I call telus and endure the massive 1 hour or more wait (last time I was on so long, customer care closed leaving me connected on the line.  When I connected it also said i see you have multiple services asscoiated with this number and mentioned home services and pre paid.  I have NEVER had anything for prepaid.  Multiple attempts and they still cant fix it.  Getting seriously ann\oyed here.  What do I do?  Do I have to change my phone number?  Someone please give me some advice on what to do.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. Not quite sure I understand. Do you have a TELUS Mobility account? Why would you need to change your phone number?

Sorry to confuse 🙂  No never had a mobility account ever.  Telus is looking into it but confirmed that we only have just the 3 services.  Did we get an old phone of someone's that wasnt properly closed out maybe?  

Community Manager
Community Manager

Most likely not. Have you seen any mention of this mystery service on your billing at all by chance?

Not to date no.  But it shows under the home services header in the part that says 4 services, but never has in the actual bill itself.


Are you talking about this screen showing a count of 4 services in the heading vs the list on the right?



Yes I am.  It says when i call in i have a prepaid account on this #, and I have never had a mobility/prepaid/etc, ever...

That's very strange because mobility accounts are in a different section than Home Services so even if you did have one it wouldn't show up in the Home Services summary count.