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[iOS 15] Unable to Download MyTelus app


I am a new user from the US who has settled in QC. I purchased a prepaid sim and registered successfully. When I try to download however the myTelus app, either via searching for it via Google or links directly from the Telus website, it results in a generic "Cannot Connect to App Store" error. When I search for it in the app store, it doesn't show up, but other Telus Communications apps do, like TELUS My Wi-Fi. Competitor apps show up as well, like myBell and MyRogers. 


I suspect this is because Telus doesn't let its app be downloaded by devices set to another country besides Canada. This makes it rather difficult as apple doesn't let you change countries until you have 0 store credit balance and cancel all your subscriptions. 



You might want to create an additional store account for Canada, just don't buy anything on it...and get free apps only.  I think apps should be available globally unless banned by a local government.  Having country specific stores is fine for billing and tax collection, but in your case, it just causes frustration.   It isn't foolproof to do it this way,  you have to switch accounts to download the app then switch back.