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Wifi Calling refusing to connect Galaxy S9

Just Moved In

I have an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S9 which is in perfect condition. I brought it back to Canada from the US, phone is completely paid off and was unlocked by the carrier it came from - AT&T.


For some reason the WIFI calling refuses to setup when I have my Telus SIM in it, but it has 0 issues with the AT&T one.

Whenever I follow all the steps it gets stuck on the 'requesting service' and then says 'unavailable' after a long while.


Any ideas how to fix this? I live in a dead zone and am lucky to get 1 bar of service occasionally. Super awesome for $90 a month. 😞


Community Power User
Community Power User

I wonder if there is still some setting on the phone indicating it is a US sourced phone, and therefore not connecting to the service.

Do you know anyone with an S9 with whom you could check and see?


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Thank you so much!! I connected with Telus and informed them that they needed to activate my IMS registration. All works now!!