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What happened to rewarding customer loyalty?

Just Moved In

I have been a loyal Telus customer for 11 years since I moved to Canada from the US. 

I recently spent 4 gruelling hours trying to organize a new phone because my iPhone 12 Pro started to have microphone problems. It turns out I my contract had expired in 2020 and I had kept with Telus for that time without a contract.

You would think that they would make it easy for me to start a new plan with a reasonable deal on a new phone.

Nope. NO current promotions. No customer retention policy.

After much back and forth I was told I would need to change my plan with a new phone and that plan would cost me $15 more per month. A new phone was offered at nothing less than FULL retail, minus my trade in.

They actually made it sound like they were taking care of me but when I did the math I realized they were offering me NOTHING except the pleasure of paying full retail for a phone and $15 more per month.

This is nothing short of unbelievable. Shame on Telus



The best way to get the best deal, is to look at switching.  With Canadian carriers, the contracts are getting longer, the deals are becoming less and less common, and the prices keep going up!  Don't be afraid to switch to get a better deal.  Bell and Telus share the same network and there is also Rogers and Videotron depending on which province you live in.