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Unlimited Plan - Bring Your Own Connected Device - iPad Mini (6th gen)

Just Moved In
Hello community!

New here and having some trouble with the below…

How on earth do I connect my iPad Mini (6th gen) to the Unlimited 30 plan I just switched to from POM 20GB? Switched because Telus rep. told me I can share any Unlimited plan data with my new iPad mini. After hours of searching My TELUS account pages I can’t find any way to connect.

Do I just order an esim for the account and scan it on iPad by going to: “Settings > Cellular > Add a plan” ?

Community Power User
Community Power User

As there is a $10 fee to add devices to this plan, I wonder if you need to contact Telus to have the additional SIM added to your account.

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Hi thanks for the reply and further insight regarding the $10 fee.

No mentioned was made of this during call with rep. that is unless you are referring to a one time $10 fee for a SIM, and not a recurring monthly fee? Hopefully it is the former rather than latter, otherwise I’ve been misinformed.

There is an option in add-ons to order a SIM card for a one time fee of $10, which is the same as ESIM fee. Preferably would like to go with the ESIM if possible to avoid having to wait for physical SIM delivery

Still not clear about how this works though. Telus needs to do a better job of self serve system in My TELUS for sorting this type of issue out. And if it is in fact a $10 recurring monthly fee their reps should be advising clients of it. I was simply told with an Unlimited plan I would be able to connect tablet and share data at no additional cost other than the possible cost associated with obtaining a SIM/ESIM for the Connected Device.