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Telus text promotions?

Just Moved In
I keep getting texts from Telus every month telling me to upgrade my rate plan. But when I go online the promotions aren't there. And when I go into the Telus shop they read the text from my phone and get confused and have no clue about these offers. Does anyone else get these texts and know how to actually get take advantage of these promotions?

They look like this:
TELUS Offer: Snowball your savings. For a limited time, upgrade to an exclusive monthly TELUS rate plan to get 10GB of data for $30/month. Enjoy a special new plan and stay connected.

Plus get 1,000 long distance calling minutes to China, Hong Kong, India, Bangladesh, the UK, and Mexico, totally free.

Promo code: TP2P-30MR
Verification code: Your 10-digit phone number

Visit us in store for details.
Looking for more options? Ask about our exclusive Koodo offer.
Conditions apply.

They give a promo code but where do I enter it??

Community Power User
Community Power User

That sounds like a scam text message. Is the message coming from a certain number?

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Agreed. If it isn't coming from a Telus shortcode, it's a scam.