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Roaming charges


Roaming charges used to be 24 hours the price has gone up and the service for what you're getting has gone down. If you must raise the charges, customers should still be getting 24 hours out of a day.  Now roaming charges is until 12 midnight. Depending on your arrival at your destination you may get  a few hour and still pay  $16, I am disappointed.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello, thanks for your post. Using a calendar clock provides us a more clear and simple way for customers to know exactly when the Easy Roam coverage ends. Also note that it's reset at midnight in the local roaming time zone, whereas other Canadian carriers reset theirs at midnight EST time (Canadian) regardless of where in the world you are!



Thanks for your reply.
I assumed the reset is for midnight at my local destination. That still does not address paying for a full day and getting a few hour based on the arrival time at my destination.