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Poor cell signal in south Surrey

Just Moved In

There is very poor cell signal in the south Surrey area. Especially near Safeway on 24th and 154th all the way to Home Depot and beyond. It has been like this for the two years that I've had Telus cell phone. What does it take to get Telus to improve this?


Community Power User
Community Power User

There is a tower quite close to both of those locations. It's located at 28th and 155th on top of the high voltage power line tower. Have you contacted Telus support to notify them of the problem? Telus support needs to get reports of reception issues directly either by chat or by phone so that they can look into reported issues. The problem could also be related to if you using LTE or 5G, and could also be related to the specific model of phone you have and which frequencies it supports.


Edit: There was also a recent discussion on this exact area. I think more people in the area need to report issues to Telus in order to get more attention on it.

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