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Leaving TELUS Mobility after 5 years


It's kind of sad to say, but I decided to switch to a different cellphone company and see how it goes after staying with TELUS for almost 5 years.


The reason why I left? Inconsistent network coverage!


I live in Metro Vancouver and there are several spots where I get zero service from TELUS since day 1 while my partner with the other network has always had service. And the spots I am talking about are not odd spots in the middle of no where, no! They are prime urban dense places, for example:

- T&T in Metrotown Shopping Mall in Burnaby (the biggest shopping mall BC)

- Aberdeen Shopping Center in Richmond (parking lot + a few spots close to the entrances)

- Morgan Crossing in South Surrey.


This year I decided to complain about it. I talked with the chat support, they passed the coordinates to the field team, but 6 months went by and nothing changed.


Maybe I will come back in the future, but for now you guys forced me to check out what others have to offer.


I will be gone for at least 2 years, you will loose that sweet recurrent revenue (I was in your highest plan) and now the other network will start to make offers for me to bring my home services to them too. Will they win me? Let's see.  Anyway, I don't feel you care.



TELUS customer service called me to asked why I left after they notice that my number was ported.

The agent was very nice and was able to retrieve the service complaint I made via chat in the past. He said he was going to re-engage the technical teams to again and I made myself available to discuss the matter with them if they want.


I actually do want to receive a call back and see this network working well. Let's see if someone really calls me and if those were just empty words.


Again, all the locations you have service issues are not cabins in the middle of the forest. They are prime prime urban locations, and it's unacceptable to not have service there.