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Phone calls are going directly to voicemail...

Friendly Neighbour

Not all phone calls are going directly to voicemail without the phone even ringing first but at least half of them.  No notification of missed calls with a phone number or anything. If there wasn’t a notification that I had a voice mail, I wouldn’t know I’d missed a call. I’m also wondering if the caller doesn’t leave a message, would I even know someone called???  I have a Google Pixel 7 Pro.

I asked some of the callers, AND ALL said the same : " phone rings 4-5 times then it goes to voicemail ".  But I don't see the missed call at all, and I am only aware IF THEY LEAVE a voicemail. Else , I don't get it. 


 Just DEACTIVEATED the SPAM call feature ( it was ON ). See if it helps.... 


Community Manager
Community Manager

You'd need to look to see if the numbers in question (that are calling) are blocked in the phone caller app. If not, your best bet would be to reach out to our Mobility team at 1-866-558-2273 so they can investigate further from their end.

Friendly Neighbour

 No is not blocked.

Same phone number can call let's say 4 times in  a row and it will happen and the 5th time the call will go thru. 


I contacted already...but I know more than the guy on the other line. He had a script  probably that he was reading and he was telling me only bad ! Not to use another word.

Phone in silent mode....really dude ? I just explained you that is not ...and that it can't be either for X , Y, Z reasons. 


I’ve been having this exact same problem with a Samsung phone. Some calls never ring, no notifications and goes to voicemail. Called Telus many times and just got passed on from person to another and wasted my time. Things I have done myself and no change.

- Checked and numbers are not blocked
- Deleted blocked list
- Restarted phone
- Reset network settings
- Reset Accessibility settings
- Boot into safe mode
- Deleted cache partition
- Reset phone back to factory
- Reflashed latest firmware with Smart Switch backup
- Reflashed firmware and no apps or backup
- Replaced SIM card

Friendly Neighbour

^^ Pretty insane.

Mine is happening on a Pixel 7 PRO. And I just turned off the SPAM feature that the phone has. But I can't say 100% it works. Only time will tell. 

As well, I THINK I realize that it would happen more often to PRIVATE CALLERS, although there is as well  an option ( that was turned off since I have the phone ) to reject automatically Private Calls  ( as is no numbers / name shows  on screen).