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Newcomer to Canada with TELUS SIM Card

Just Moved In

Hello, my boyfriend and I recently moved to Vancouver and just got ourselves a prepaid SIM card so that we can be contactable locally. We are struggling to activate the SIM card on our own devices, could we possibly get some assistance with this?


Community Power User
Community Power User

Have you visited the following instructions located here. 

Hello @WestCoasterBC, yes I have visited that link but when it gets to the part asking for "Contact phone number", I don't have a local contact number and only have my contact number from my home country and cannot input that number as the field doesn't allow me.

@ch3micat  I think your best bet is to take your sim and phone and go to a telus store and have them do it for you. Did you buy your sim on line ?

Hi @ch3micat, in the contact phone number field you should be able to just enter 555-555-5555 and it should let you continue.