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Make eSIMs free already


Ok, the writing is on the wall with Apple making the US iPhones sim-slot free.  When is Telus going to get in front of this and start giving us eSIM vouchers for free?  (seeing as how charging for a digital ID is pretty pointless).


eSIMs were ratified by the GSMa back in 2017/2018 and Apple (and Samsung) were able to put pressure on the carriers with their smart watches to get the eSIM provisioning put into place.  Time to make that the standard for all cellular devices.


(I'm presuming we have some actual Telus staff monitoring these forums, rather than other peers just chiming in) 🙂



Fully agree. I went dual sim for a time for work, and if I have to reset my phone, I have to buy another SIM card. Super frustrating. 


If you look at Apple's list,  you will see that a lot of other carriers don't even require or use those QR code cards, but every Canadian carrier supporting e-sim requires it.  I carry a spare QR card with me so that if I have my phone replaced under warranty, I can deploy another e-sim, but many foreign carriers just handle it electronically.  Check out the link from the Apple website.


Find wireless carriers and worldwide service providers that offer eSIM service - Apple Support

Ok, "handle it electronically" is still QR code - unless they're using a teletype machine.

Absolutely no reason that the carriers should be charing for a digital ID to enable your eSIM.  It's a blatant cash grab.


We have collusion amongst the Canadian carriers.  The CRTC should have been encouraging competition - instead we have Rogers buying Shaw.