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Koodo to Telus

Looking to switch from Koodo to Telus. Have a Samsung galaxy s20 phone I'm thinking of trading in for a Samsung galaxy s21+ or Ultra with Telus. Have 10 months left on my tab so $330 tab and $304 tab bonus. Just wondering how I would go about doing this???

Community Power User
Community Power User

So, it will cost $634 to leave Koodo and move to Telus. To my knowledge, there are no options to waive those fees. I’d wait 10 months and switch then.


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Good tok know.. Thanks


This info is posted at Telus site:

"You can transfer any existing phone number to your TELUS Mobility account, including numbers from other carriers and landline numbers. You can request a number transfer after you have received your device and have set up your My TELUS account. If you’re moving a Koodo or Public Mobile number to TELUS, please request a number transfer after receiving your device and SIM card. Your existing phone number will replace your temporary TELUS number once the transfer is complete".