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Customer space feature request

Just Moved In

I have a feature request for Telus. I know I'll probably be the only one to use this but eh.


My kid has strict parental controls on the home wifi so video games and entertainment websites such as youtube are blocked on week nights for him to focus on doing his homework after school. But he easily gets around that by disconnecting his phone from the wifi and using his data instead.


So I've created an automation on Home Assistant that monitors his phone's location and when the phone is home, it triggers a tasker script on my phone to automatically do the proper clicks to log in to the telus app and disable the data on his line. It reenables it automatically when his phone is not home.


This works well but is janky, and needs to be redone anytime Telus changes its app and the click sequence changes. I would much rather be able to make an API call to Telus to do this instead. Please develop an API that allows me (and other users) to do this.





Community Power User
Community Power User

You may wish to investigate options on his phone. Apple has the ability to apply assorted restrictions with Screen Time:


Set up Screen Time for a family member on iPhone - Apple Support (CA)


There is likely something similar with Android.

Just a long time customer hoping to help.

Need to have physical access to the phone to make changes. Hosted system is easier to manage.

Truly what I need is an mdm but they're all cloud based with subscription fees now so not appealing for my use case.


No disrespect intended, but you might want to pursue a non-technical solution to this problem.  Putting the games systems and phones in another place for example.