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Customer service or lack thereof

Just Moved In

So... after years of being a loyal Telus customer I may be ready to give up. We moved to northern BC in October and canceled our home phone at that time. We now live where we have good cell service. My husbands cell plan expired and we need a new SIm for his phone. I order one online, it never comes. I contact Telus and find our address won't "auto fill" by Canada Post as it is one of the old school rural addresses (still in use in MANY places in BC). The Telus team advises they have refunded my credit card for the SIM, and that basically I can go buy one at a Telus store (nearest one is over a 5 hour drive away) or I am SOL. How is that for great customer service? Because no-one there can be bothered to manually enter my address, my husband is no longer able to communicate with me and we are seniors with only one phone now. Worth noting that no other businesses that we use, including credit cards etc, have any problem with our mailing address at all.

Then to top it all off, they keep billing me for the old landline which had a credit showing and instead of sending a refund. Oh wait I one who works there knows how to fill out my actual address, so we will never get our money back...... thanks Telus



Does your phone accept an e-sim?  This can now be provisioned over wifi (and if you have one phone already, you can connect the other one to it).  Go to the Canada post website and use the postal code lookup, and find out the format for your address there, then try it in Telus.  Good luck.