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Cellular Service very weak

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I live at <personal info removed by mod> on Bowen Island, British Columbia. In the past year the quality of Telus cellular has deteriorated to a level that I am missing calls and people that I phone often say that they cannot hear me. This is not an equipment problem, other family me,bears, using different phone have the same problem.


What has happened to my Telus service?



Community Power User
Community Power User

The absolute best thing you can do is call in to mobility tech support. Report the issue, and have everyone else nearby that is experiencing the same thing to report it as well.


Are you using LTE or 5G on the affected phones?


Looking at the cell tower map, you're centered between two towers. One on Mt. Gardner and one in Horseshoe Bay. There appear to possibly be some 5G transmitters in the area south of your home but they may or may not be in range if you have a 5G capable phone.

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If you have phones capable of Wi-Fi calling, you can set them up to connect through your internet connection, which will address the issues if call drops, etc., at least when at home.

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