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Can't connect while abroad


Currently travelling aborad (in Doha now for the world cup). 


Typically on arrival I'll get a notification that I am roaming, along with the costs and an invite to join easy roam etc. From that point I can access the network and receive text messages (many accounts require 2FA codes which are being sent to my Telus number. 


At the moment I cannot connect to any mobile networks through my Telus SIM. I've tried leaving auto-select network on, or off and clicking each option available, I've turned roaming both on and off, I've reset network settings, power cycled the device and still nothing. 


I'm currently using a Google Pixel 7 which has the latest software update available. It doesn't appear to be region specific as I've had the same issue during a layover in Europe and in another country here in the middle east.


I've looked into the MyTelus app and it doesn't look like there is anything that would prevent my phone from being able to connect within those settings. I haven't touched easy roam because I imagine that as soon as I do connect I'd be charged for the day.


Telus chat suggests calling into the support line which is extremely difficult when the phone won't connect, and while the website suggests that 24/7 support is available, when I called through a VOIP service the automated agent said to call back during regular hours. 


Any suggestions would be appreciated!


Community Power User
Community Power User

You can also try contacting Telus through their Social Media Channels TELUSSupport on Twitter or through their Facebook page.
Telus has roaming agreements with Qatar, so you should be able to connect. Does the Pixel have the frequencies used in Qatar? I know some Asian-market phones do not work in Canada.


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Did this ever get resolved? Having the same issue in the UK

Community Power User
Community Power User

Contact Telus directly. If you don't have social media, you can use the Chat feature on the contact page.

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