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Just Moved In

Good afternoon, my name is Andrii . I have been a member of the TELUS family since August 2022.
My family and I came to Canada last year. Fleeing from the war in Ukraine , we were pleasantly surprised the hospitality of your country.
Your help with free calls to Ukraine was a good support for all new arrivals from Ukraine. This allowed us to be in touch with our relatives during these difficult times, especially to be in touch with those where there is no Internet and the only possibility was to contact only through a gsm connection.I emphasize once again that we are very grateful to Telus for the opportunity to be in touch with our relatives.
However, I am somewhat disappointed with your company's actions when it resumed charging fees for international reconciliations to Ukraine without prior warning. And so it turned out that in July and May I received a bill for more than a thousand dollars. Usually I am a responsible user and I am ready to pay for a good service a bit higher than the mobile services market. But the moment that such a large company in Canada as Telus acted so irresponsibly with people who started a new life in Canada, as we thought, with a high level of trust in all authorities, led to great disappointment and some understanding of the "rules of the game". "Rules of the game" which have long been absent even in Ukraine, where every action of the company is informed by at least a sending text notice.
As I emphasized earlier, I was not informed about the discontinuation of the grace period for free calls to Ukraine, therefore, I would like to dispute the invoices issued and paid in May 506.99 and June 658.82 this year.
If I had known about the full charge for calls, I would have reduced the number of calls to Ukraine to a smaller number.
I ask you to consider my request to review the size of the invoices for the reasons stated above. I hope that the Telus Company will be able to understand the cause of the situation and will be able to find the right solution.


Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum

Hi @Andrii1987  thanks for reaching out to us, The Neighbourhood is mainly with other clients and do not access to accounts.  In order to dispute the charges to the account, you can contact our care team at 1-866-558-2273.  (mobile) or 1-888-811-2323 (residential)  There were emails and text messages sent prior to the expiry of the credits.   
When you contact the appropriate team they can revisit the situation  and see what are the available options.