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Bait and switch

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I recently was offered a smoking deal just like another poster said. The difference with me is that I took it then was told one of the 2 phones I wanted wasn't in stock. This went on for over a week and by the time I could talk to someone about it apparently the promotion ended?

This is after the contract was already suppose to be set and in place. I was already being billed for the data, had the sim card and everything. Instead of the original deal they tried to get me to pay about 50 dollars more a month for the second line i wanted, more for both the phone and the plan! Even though though the data plan was already in the 2 year contract and being billed somehow it was going to be changed? I was on the phone for 4 hours today with 5 different people and nothing! I had to cancel my second mobility line over it. Now I'm expecting for my first line to have messed up billing too, who knows. Extremely frustrating, was hung up on by the first "loyalty" team member and I was not yelling or swearing or being aggressive. Wasted the prime hours during a weekend day with my kids.

I was told over and over by the last team member that the deal I was quoted wasn't possible. I said look at the current data plan and device monthly cost for the first phone on the plan and tell me how it's not possible. No real help. And NO HONORING THE DEAL AND CONTRACT THAT WAS MADE WITH THE COLD SALES CALL I TOOK THAT BROUGHT ME TO TELUS MOBILITY IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Honestly I would have went to freedom but the salesman that first got this annoying ball rolling matched the offer they were giving and seeing how I just got telus home internet set up I thought going for telus mobility as well would simplify things and be convenient. My experience with switching to telus mobility has been anything but!


Hi there - I wanted to reach out and help with this situation. Please expect a message from me 

Just Moved In
This sounds very similar to what I'm currently or about to experience. Quoted $55 / month (confirmed several times with sales rep).. all paperwork is showing up at $95 / month.
Just beginning my discussions with telus though!

Hope you find a resolution