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Just Moved In

Been a Telus customer for years - just upgraded 3 phones and now charged $150.00 in activation fees.  Was told if I had completed online I wouldn't' have been charged that.  I had tried 2 times to complete order online and it didn't work so ended up having to go in store.  Contacted TELUS to complain and they basically said too bad - VALID Charge.  This is the worse customer service ever - what is the $50 a phone for?  We took the phones home and set everything up ourselves.  I wont be staying with TELUS after this 2 year contract is done.  Not that retaining loyal customers seems to matter to TELUS


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @tamvei1 


Sorry to hear you feel this way.

The connection fee applies when an upgrade is made in store and over the phone, and based on the activation type, it is waived when ordering online, here you can find more details


Was there any specific error when you tried to order online?