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phone orders not delivered now Telus says I have to file a police report

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between Telus and Canada Post, someone has lost 2 phones I've ordered. now they say I have to file a police report. has this happened to anyone else?



Why would you have to file a police report, and who's "they" Telus? Unless it is being claimed you received the phone's (should have required a signature), the whereabouts of these phones have nothing to do with you.


Only the shipper can claim a lost item with Canada Post. If the item was marked as received then ask for proof of signature.

Just Moved In
I’m going through the same thing. I ordered a phone on December 1, ups reported it as delivered on the 22nd. After over 30 hours on the phone with Telus I am stuck with the bill and a line I’m unable to use-no sim. Good luck, you are helpless and screwed over.

Do they have proof of your signature? And why can't you use the line? Just need an activated SIM inserting into a compatible phone.