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move samsung smart watch to another phone number

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I have several handsets under a small business account.  One of the phones also has a Samsung smartwatch tied to it so that when a text message is sent to the phone, the smartwatch also gets the message. 


My question is ...  can the same smartwatch be associated with another phone number instead?  Can this be done using My Telus or do I need to call Telus customer service?





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Community Power User

Does this transfer occur when the phone and watch are in distant locations, or only when near one another?


Usually the watch is associated with the phone through a pairing process. If this is the case, simply unpairing the watch from the phone, and pairing it to the new phone will work. 
If the watch has its own SIM, then the process may differ.

Check your watch documents for details.

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the smartwatch works (text and call and data) even if the associated phone is far away.  I think it has its own SIM.


Yes the watch can be associated with another phone but not at the same time. Need to upair watch from first phone then factory reset it. After that you'll be prompted to set up watch as a "new" device now choose your phone of choice to begin the process... Will need to D/L the associated app onto phone such as Wear OS.


Assuming that your watch is an LTE variant, and you're referring to "OneNumber Unlimited Access - SmartWatch" or similar, you'd likely need to speak with TELUS to have it associated to another line on your account.  While I've not specifically looked for it, as I've not had a need to change the associated line/number for my watch, I've not readily noticed such an option within My TELUS myself.