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Bring it Back phone assessed at zero

Just Moved In

Hi everyone, I mailed back my perfect condition phone via UPS in a bubble-mailer, via UPS, then they sent me email stating the assessed value was $0. zilch. meanwhile, I did have to pay in full, the remaining balance from the program ( about 500 $)

I ensured to delete all info off the phone, and removed my SIM card. I for the life of me, cannot figure, how they could assess it at zero dollars? Unless it got crunched by a truck on the way! Trying to talk to TELUS about this, has been near impossible, acting like the department who does the assessing is on a completely separate planet Has anyone gone through this? I will keep phoning them until I can get an answer as to why. 


Community Manager
Community Manager

@Stonehouse-Didi I'd love to try and find out for you. I sent a private message your way 🙂