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contract renewal - can I BYOD?

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Even though it doesn't seem to matter much to Telus in terms of offers/discounts, I'm a long time Telus Mobility client, where in the past when my cell contract is up for renewal, I just pick the new device either in store or online but I am considering to buy my new phone (unlocked) outright from a store (still shopping around to see who has what).  


So my question is, is it easy enough to get that phone onto my account, keeping the same phone number.  I assume that if my current SIM card will swap out - it is as easy as that...but if I need a new SIM card, would I have to go into a Telus store to get one?  I saw in my online profile in choosing an upgrade, there is an option to select BYOD, which I assume would be this case.  I didn't click too far into it to see what all is needed.  


I am pretty sure this is a "silly" question, but I have confused myself many times over as I look into it so thought I'd come to the forum where someone should know.


THANKS!!! Hope everyone has a great Grey Cup weekend 🙂



@sammysjeep  There are a number of complaints on the forum about --- preorders ---- byod ---- orders and shipping time -- sim cards. Hard to resolve for a few why ???? . Myself i would go to store and let them do it all ---install sim ----put  -- your number into the new phone----- no  problems.. Good luck.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Yes, it is as simple as swapping your SIM to the new phone. Nearly all phones in the past few years accept a Nano-SIM, so you should be good. However, if you need a smaller SIM, you can get one at a store, and either have them provision it, or you can do it online by entering the new SIM number in your account.


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