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Did anyone actually receive the Android 13 update on their S22 Ultra?

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Telus' schedule says that the S22 series is supposed to receive the Android 13 (One UI 5) on November 19 (i.e. today).

Did anyone actually receive it and care to post a screenshot of the Software Information screen?


Nope, not impressed either. Telus is getting horrible for updates.

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Nothing here (from (Québec) still waiting!!!!

The fail continues...

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All dates are approximate and subject to change. Please note posted dates reflect when the update is targetted for released but can take a few weeks to roll out to all devices.


More here: Software Update Schedule for TELUS Devices

Still fail, other providers around the world can get them out on time... telus has become lazy. To into themselves and their self promotion and money making (ie off shore call centresl

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Telus likely hasn't had the update for much more than a week based on this article:


Samsung Android 13 update: What devices will get the upgrade? (


Then Telus needs to test and get approval before it can release as per:


Software Update Life-Cycle - TELUS Neighbourhood


Assuming that Telus got it on November 7th as per the first article it hopefully won't be long.