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Resolved! Can't SEND email from hotel room in the US

When i log into the free wi-fi in my hotel room i receive all my emails but when i go to send one i get this error saying Cannot send email a copy will be sent to your out box. If i turn the iPhone 4 off then back on sometimes the email will send. A ...

harmon22 by Just Moved In
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Did you know that-Verizon is already here.

Yeah! is a fact Verizon made his jump to the Telus forum-Yesterday at (X-Time EPT) how did get there it came from the "Ideas-Site" and it took the Top-Authors-Position..No way-At the moment would stick around in the Forum, until get its Visa approved...

v9 by Rockstar
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BLU phones - Popular Affordable Android Phones

Hello, in he past, I heard telus took an unfavorable stance in regards to these phones. I hate the word grey market, and Android phones these days are becoming far from it, Take a look at the One plus devices, as well as the BLU Android phones. These...

Reg:Unlock my iphone4

hi,i bought an iphone4 from your telus network befor a couple of years contract period got over but still i cant able to use my iphone with other network....its really bad to be ve an service like can u help me out to unlock ...

sugir by Just Moved In
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Galaxy Alpha

Does anybody know if Telus will carry the Galaxy alpha? I know the S5 is better but i don't want a big phone. I love the 4.7 screen even if it does have half the battery the S5 has. Only Bell has it an i can't change carriers

serge73 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Nokia/Microsoft Lumia 830

Just wondering if anyone from Telus can confirm an ETA for this device? Multiple sources say they've been told by customer service that it's coming, they're just not sure when. Rogers is releasing it on Wednesday, and Bell is releasing it the Wednesd...

SuperD by Organizer
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Wrong carrier

I am obviously with telus but my carrier keeps changing to AT&T and I've tried everything to change it and nothing will work!

Alexus by Just Moved In
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