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Hi,So I have just had a phone given to me ! I was wondering is it possible to some how use my prepaid number that I have now and activate the iPhone and use without having to be on a contract or have a credit check etc... Any information helps.Thanks

Dannyhou by Just Moved In
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phone is having problem and I have already fixed it nonce

my Samsung alpha has been having problems the last few month with it saying no service or shutting off alot of battery left I have had it fixed once but the problem is still happens I know my contract is up in 9 month but would like to know what I ca...

Resolved! Pay and talk plus text?

I have to upgrade on Telus to a 4G phone from a basic pay and talk.They have no basic text phones that are real user friendly.Can you use any 4G unlocked smartphones just for ease of use for texting or am I restricted to what Telus has for pay and ta...

Sha by Just Moved In
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Re-active a Lost Phone

Hi Telus,I'm Samuel. I'm living in Vietnam. I got an iPhone 4 White in locked status. I checked on the internet alreay and found out it was an lost phone.So now what I want to know is there any way to reactive as a new one of me, or i need to do anyt...

Samsung Galaxy S7 battery drain after April update

Hey there,Telus recently (April 18) released the April update for the S7 and the Edge. I own the S7 and installed it right away. Ever since the update, background battery drain increased significantly for me. The processes/services 'Android system' a...

Ramzy by Organizer
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Resolved! Samsung Galaxy S7 WIFI Does Not Work

I bought a Samsung Galaxy S7 yesterday. Now I wish I had not, and my advice to anyone thinking about it is to wait. Why? The wifi on the phone does not work. I spoke with Telus tech support, they said this was the first they had heard of it being a p...

TF by Neighbour
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Resolved! Trying to get in contact with a person

I recently found an iphone 5s in a parking lot at a mall. I have the phone number to the phone and all im trying to do is listen to the name in the voice mail. If it helps the number is

Mario by Just Moved In
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How to rollback Samsung s6 to Android 5 after Marshmallow update?

Hi there!I just updated my s6 to the latest Android 6, and it is a buggy OS. The most annoying bug that makes me hate my own phone and everyone who guilty in the bug is: I have to do 2 additional steps each and every time I unlock my phone!I use patt...

Sergey by Just Moved In
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