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Why are Data Add-On's so expensive compared to competition for prepaid subscribers


Telus charges 10 dollars for every 100mb's

thats 10 times more expensive than shaw's 10 dollars for 1gb




I think they edited my post to make me look like I can't spell😐

I meant to say that telus CHARGES 10 DOLLARS PER 100MB VS 10 DOLLARS FOR 1GB with shaw

without any flexibility to spread your data over several months

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Different carriers target different market segments. As a consumer, you should choose what best meets your needs.


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The CRTC has mandates for carriers to deliver for all types of users I think Telus could make data more affordable for light users 100mb for 10 dollars is not acceptable in 2022

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The CRTC does not include data as part of the prepaid plans. See: Low-cost and occasional-use wireless service plans. Also the wording on the CRTC website says "Extra costs may apply. These may include taxes, a connection charge, long distance fees, costs for additional minutes, pay-per-use charges, and payments for subsidized devices." They do not specify the cost of data that the carriers must offer for the prepaid plan.


The carriers publically advertise their plans so. If you use more than 400 minutes per year, the alternative is to switch to a post-paid plan which has far cheaper data. Considering all carriers seem to have the same price for pre-paid data add-ons, I'm not sure what you're looking for exactly.


  • Bell: $10/100MB + $15/100MB past the first 100MB add-on.
  • Telus: $10/100MB + $15/100MB past the first 100MB add-on.
  • Virgin Mobile (Bell): $10/100MB + $15/100MB past the first 100MB add-on.
  • Rogers: Doesn't appear to offer data on their pre-paid plan. No data add-on listed on their website.
  • Koodo: $10/100MB but there are other options for more data.
  • Public Mobile: $5 for 200MB or $15 for 1GB.

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We recently have been helping out a friend by picking up their son from school for a couple of weeks. It's been a bit of logistic nightmare because we wait in the parking lot for him but have no way to contact him. The school WiFi blocks messaging sites and he can't get a cell signal because he's on Shaw.


Shaw coverage isn't an issue for some people but when it becomes an issue then you realize why the prices are different.