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Overage charges


I just got my monthly phone bill from telus and it's $217. That's just for mobile service, home internet is another $110. That's over $300 for one month of data. The bill says I went $50 over on phone data usage. That's impossible. The past 2 months in a row I went about $20 over somehow, so I double checked all my settings and cut back on usage to make sure this didn't happen again, and now it's $50? There is no way i'm using that much data. I checked, I have background app refresh disabled, don't have automatic downloads on and don't download much of anything on my phone. I have cellular data turned off for most of my apps, and I don't play games or stream videos. I don't even check my phone much during the day, because I work in a hospital unit where I wouldn't be able to get cell service even if I wanted to. If this is all a mistake or somehow something's draining my data, I don't know know what it is, because I cannot get ahold of a customer service representative or a human being to talk to about this. Their customer service phone number leads to an automated messaging system, their online chat helper is a bot, their twitter support account is a bot. I am fed up with this company and if they think I'm paying that bill, they're cracked.


Community Power User
Community Power User

Have you checked your phone settings to see how much data it reports you having used? There may be an app or other download happening you don’t realize.

You should be able to request a call back from the customer service phone line, or contact billing to discuss further. 
Also, what amount of data plan do you have? The $50 amount suggests you are running over your allotment.

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