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Telus Mobility Bait and Switch

Just Moved In

My wife spoke to TM retention and was offered a smoking deal. When we went to an outlet, we were told it was impossible and offered a totally different deal. Conveniently the file notes were lacking the cost detail. BBB contacted. Anyone out there encounter similar situation?


Hello @johnwalker1

Unfortunately most deals you get offered on the phone by retentions are NOT offered at a store or outlet store. Even the BBB will tell you this. They are solely only offered by that specific Rep and or time. Stores have no access to these deals and only offer the deals they have.

When you got offered that deal by retention, why didn't you take it immediately? Also did they tell you the stores could offer this deal or not?.


Even if there were notes regarding your conversation with Loyalty and Retention the retail outlets are not authorized to give you those deals. That's why there is a separate L&R department. There was no bait as it was a legitimate offer from L&R and no switch since you were the one who didn't take the offer at the time, it was not withdrawn.