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Telus Mobility Number


Just received a call from the number 1 (833) 382-8432 that shows up as Telus, and the person over the phone was offering Koodo mobile plans for Telus internet customers. I tried searching up the number but don't seem to find anything. Is this a legit Telus number or a possible scam?



Community Power User
Community Power User

It's not a known Telus number as far as I can tell. Telus reps also wouldn't typically be offering Koodo plans either. Koodo is typically separate. Consider it a scam to be safe.

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I just spent hours trying to figure this out myself as I got called from the same number with the same offers. It is legit and not a scam, but it is a company called The Acquisition Group (TAG) that does sales calls on behalf of Telus to acquire new customers.


When I called Telus and asked them about this phone number, they looked up the number and said they had no record of that number being affiliated in any way with Telus, and that I had likely been scammed. However, I called the 1-833-382-8432 number back and asked them to explain who they were and how they received my information from Telus. They told me they would leave detailed notes on my account that would be visible to Telus representatitves when I called Telus again directly. When I called Telus again, those notes were visible to them and they read the notes to me to confirm that I had not been scammed.

I will be speaking with a manager from Telus tomorrow, as this conduct and shadiness is completely unprofessional and unacceptable. It wasted hours of my time and caused significant stress when I thought I had been scammed. I hope this answer will help others who might experience the same.