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Has Telus ever offered more options for tablets? Im wondering why the only selection is from Apple, nothing good from Samsung? I would buy one so dam fast if you guys did. Apple is a joke and lessens the life of their products to make money, or at least they used to.

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Community Power User

Apple basically owns the tablet market now and Apple provides software updates longer than any Android tablet maker out there. Google gave up on tablets many years ago and there just aren't that many tablet optimized apps on the Play store (or any other app store) which hurts sales of Android tablets.


There aren't many Android based cellular tablets out there from reputable brand name companies that do business in Canada specifically. Samsung and ZTE are pretty much the only ones out there right now. The Tab A7 is the only LTE enabled tablet Samsung sells currently though carriers or from Samsung's website. Even their flagship model devices aren't available in cellular variants in Canada. Though they are in the US on specific carriers. The ZTE model Telus offers has the same 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage that the Tab A7 does. Both have Android 11 and both only support LTE. 


If you look at the models the other Canadian carriers offer, they're pretty much all the same. Multiple 5G capable iPad models and either the current LTE only Tab A7 or that and the old version that some carriers still haven't run out of stock of. Bell is still selling an ancient Alcatel tablet running Android 7!

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There are other tablets, check out Just not as wide a range of options on the site relative to Apple offerings.