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Suddenly no data on phone

Just Moved In

Today out of nowhere I lost all data connectivity on my phone (OnePlus 9 Pro), I can still call and text without issue but can only get data through wifi. I spent a couple hours on with CS to see if they could figure it out and no dice. I have tried all the obvious stuff (mobile data, airplane mode, power cycling, removing sim), we tried resetting the network settings and APN.


If I take my sim out of the oneplus and put it in my iphone my data works perfectly, and if I take my Bell sim out of my iphone and put it in the oneplus everything works great.


Customer service got to the point where he just said "I have no more ideas, sorry", which is all well and good except I still don't have a working phone.


Any ideas? I've had no issues with my phone or service in the year+ I have had it and really can't be buying a new phone over this.




Telus is getting fairly aggressive in preventing non-Telus purchased devices from working properly on their network. My 8T no longer gets VoLTE because it is not on the Telus vetted list of approved devices. Have you checked and verified your APN settings?