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Rate Increase

Just Moved In

I had two phones on my account.  When I received my February 2024 bill I noted that one of the phones was at the same rate as previously, probably due to it being on a contract.  The other phone which is only for emergency/unanticipated situation use and is phone only (no data) increased in price from the $23.08 plus tax I was paying previously to $32,50 plus tax.  By my arithmetic, that is a 40.814% increase.  I realize that we are in an inflationary period, but a 40% increase??...  I ported the phone number out to another carrier, and imagine my surprise when the other carrier gave me service for $1.50 less than I had been paying Telus prior to February 2024.  Where is the CRTC when we need them?  I thought rates were supposed to be regulated.  I have been a long term customer, but if the monthly operating cost for my remaining phone goes up like this when the contract is finished, I'm gone.


Community Manager
Community Manager

All price increases are made known via billing note updates (in advance, of course) and every bill should list out and detail every charge, be it a regular or new one. Did you speak with our Mobility team to inquire about the increase?

Just Moved In
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I did not.  I do not argue about price.  Pricing is the company's prerogative, and it's my prerogative to make a change if I feel it appropriate.  I simply ported out the number to another carrier.

Friendly Neighbour

They cant increase your rate once on your on . so if plan is 80 then they have to keep you   at 80 a month if phone is 25 a month they have to keep at 25 a month plus taxes.