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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 Bring it back eligibility


Hi All


I have a Galaxy flip that I got on the bring it back program and my 2 years is up.  I went to return the phone but was told the the screen is cracked.  The crack is right where the phone folds.

There is no other damage to the screen and I was told that since the screen is cracked that it is ineligible.  I think this is a normal wear on the phone due to its ability to flip closed.

Has anyone else have this experience?





Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. That may be something to check in with Samsung directly to see if they have a process for this situation. Alternatively, you could take the phone to the nearest Mobile Klinik store; perhaps the repair cost would be cheaper than the Bring it Back cost.

Thank you for your reply.  I will check with Samsung and the mobile klinik


One thing to check would be if the screen protector is still on the device that it might just be that and not the actual screen. I’ve seen it happen on quite a few of the foldables, including my own Fold3 that the included screen protector cracks right down the crease and looks like the screen is damaged when it’s actually fine underneath.

Thanks.  The screen protector started to come off at the fold area after a year so I took it off and attempted to get an after market screen protector but none of those lasted as well.