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SIM Card

Just Moved In

Hello, I just upgraded my phone from a 6S to an XR and need to know whether I transfer my SIM card from my old phone into the new phone to be able to keep the information from old to new phone.


Hello @Lawrence1

Unfortunately no. You need to back up your iPhone 6S on iTunes via you're computer. Once the 6S is backed up? Plug in you're iPhone XR and set it up under " Restore". This will restore all you're back up ( images, Texts, Videos and files including apps ans such) on you're XR.

The sim card only holds you're number.

Community Power User
Community Power User

It can also depend on the version of iOS the 6s is running as well. If it's current, copying the data to the new phone may be possible just by having the phones beside each other. That's how I transferred my data to my current iPhone.


Details here:

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