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People’s delayed iPad Pro 4th gen

I ordered an the iPad Pro 4th gen last Sunday and I was reading through the forums and is it most likely I will experience the same delays? Or has things decided to shift and have products pushed faster?
Just curious because I become really impatient when it comes to ordering stuff online as per most people I believe especially when there is no estimated delivery date. But thank you for helping “Brandon T” u must be really stressed helping out others so thank u for your courtesy to help. 😊

Hello @Momonkey76

I foresee us getting them at the end of this month or end of Aug at this point. When I ordered mine ok the 24th via Telus? I checked out Apple ( same model and all) and their website showed 3-4 weeks ( July 15th- Aug 5th delivery. So it seems like it would be the same time for us. I heard Telus is getting 2 batches in July so who knows if that’s true.

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TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

HI @Laurenz ,


You are so very welcome, and thank you so much for the appreciation of the hard work we are putting in to get things back to normal.  


You have every right to feel impatient, eager, excited, and upset with the unexpected delays. Every day we are fulfilling orders faster and faster. You may notice similar delays, or slightly faster since we now have more employees working overtime to resolve these delays. As of today, the TELUS website states for the Apple iPad Pro 12.9" (4th generation):  "Free shipping: Limited stock available, your order will ship within 3-4 weeks.". This usually means TELUS is waiting for a shipment from the manufacture, or the delivery courier which may be experiencing their own set of delays outside of the control of TELUS. If you placed the order before this status changed, you will receive your order sooner since shipments are based in priority of when the order was placed. I wish I could provide you with a definitive answer. I am truly sorry for the inconvenience. I know how exiting it can be to get a new device 🙂

If I were you, I would set the expectation of 2 week delay, and if it comes sooner, its even better.


You are also welcome to speak to a TELUS agent using Live Chat, or over the phone to see if they can provide you with more details about your order. Perhaps the delays is not due to stock, but rather incorrect shipping information, or another reason. It never hurts to ask if you have the time. Unfortunately I am unable to fill that void since this is not a official TELUS support channel, rather a place for customers to work together as a community and help one another. 

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Is that 2 weeks on top of the 3-4 weeks!??

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

@Laurenz ,


Ah! Thanks for asking for clarification. I see how that may have not been clear.


My best guess would be just 2 weeks starting today. This is based from the day you placed the order which was last Sunday. 


To ensure the iPad is delivered as soon as possible, I would recommend contacting TELUS when you have some time, to ensure all your information is correct to prevent additional delays. 


  • If you placed the order yourself online, you would want to reach out to the web store team by email [email protected] or call them at 1-866-488-2709

  • If you place the order over the phone with an agent, you would want to reach out using live chat, or call them at 1-866-558-2273

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Hey man I just received my shipping confirmation and it said “we’re processing your order, which you should receive 3 to 5 business days” does that mean I’m getting my order in that time frame or are those the days that they will ship it out thank u for providing me with the information in the past I really appreciate it I just need u this one last time 😇

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hey @Laurenz ,


This is very exciting news! Your estimated wait time decreased dramatically. The message you received stating 3-5 business days means it should already be in possession of the delivery courier UPS or Canada Post, and a tracking number should be sent to you in the next 2 days where you can eagerly track it all the way to your front door. In other words your iPad will be delivered to your front door as early as Friday June 19th, or as late as Tuesday June 23rd. Please note that couriers may encounter their own delay during COVID-19, but that is the final speed bump before you get the satisfaction of opening that perfectly constructed box, and pealing off the plastic exposing a beautiful brand new shiny iPad Pro 4th generation! 🙂


Its always a pleasure helping! If you have any other questions we are more than happy to help.

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Again I can’t thank u enough man you’ve been such a help through this process and I hope your boss gives u a raise 😤 more people like u should be recognized by the time and effort u do to help people especially in these stressful times

Hey man I would of to have said that my iPad has arrived but sadly it has not yet have I have gotten the order confirmation as said I ordered my device on the 7th of this month am I going to have to wait longer as expected or when do u think because they have called me saying I might be waiting longer than usual so if u have any news on what’s going on please feel free to share

Hello @Laurenz

Checking Apple's website for the same model? Shows delivery ending of July / Start of August. This was last week as well. So it seems Apple has a 3-4 week wait it self.

If they called you? I'm glad because no one else has been in formed or been told of a wait. Many are in the dark. Mine shows 6-8 weeks delivery time ( ordered it last week). However shows " in stock limited"

Bell stores have stock it seems. Contacted 3 Bell stores on the weekend and found out. So i may cancel and switch over to Bell if this is the case.

They called me 2 weeks ago I wouldn’t know much about the tracking number because the account is under my brothers email so I wouldn’t know when exactly I’m getting my device anyways but I’ve literally been waiting it’s been a pain because Ive had all my accessories for it already so yah it’s been weeks and I thought the orders should have been bigger considering it’s a new device right obviously it’s going to be in a high demand I just thought they would have been smart enough to know that was the case

Hello @Laurenz

Oh i agree. Seems like Apple also is struggling with the demand too which is causing the backlog. However Apple gives 3-4 weeks but units have been shipped out way earlier then that. So I'm sure Telus gives Apple a order of so many units.

The agent I ordered it with has told me 2-4 weeks I’m closing in on my 3rd official week so I would like to know when am I actually getting my device because I need it for business purposes if I could honestly contact bell to see if they have it I might as well go over there today to see if I can snag one because I’m getting really impatient

Hello @Laurenz

Unfortunately no one here knows the true accurate information. The agents can only give a timeline that they re given. I called on the weekend and was told I won't get it until late August / September 😂. The pandemic for sure did put a stop on alot of thighs but some of us including you need it for business wise right?. It's unfortunate what's happening.

July 6 is the ETA as to when they will get it in the warehouse.

Hello @zosvan17

I'll believe it when I see it lol. If Apple has dates of July 28th -August 1st for shipment?(3-4) on their website? How can a carrier get it before apples own website. Lol.

I'll be hoping we can get it soon but any information the representative gives? I take with a grain of salt unless their is some proof it's actually coming and not just a script to make us happy lol.

I'm on the verge of cancelling my order and switching companies at this point.

Hello @Wynn

I wouldn't be surprised if you and others do. Yeah COVID-19 did play a factor. Makes sense because Apple has late delays as well. However Telus failed as a communications company to let the customers know what's going on. They also shouldnt put " In Stock -Limited" if they didn't have any to begin with. Never seen a company do this and not even their competitors do this such things. They never put " In Stock" if there isn't any. Not even Apple does this.

So u were right @Meowmix bell did have them but they were only taking people who ordered them first so basically I should of ordered through bell instead because I would of had my device already I also when to other Telus stores and they don’t have em yet but honestly if I don’t get it this week I think I’m better off canceling my order and just buying it from Apple at this point

Hello @Laurenz

Yes that is true. I spoke to someone who got the iPad and only waited a week and half tops. Had it shipped to the store and got it.

I made it clear I'm not waiting 6-8 weeks for it to come when Apple has a 3-4 week delivery date and Bell can get them sooner. This is why i take everything a rep says with a grain of salt. Even the call center manager was surprised it shows " on stock Limited stock" when it shows 6-8 week delivery date. No one else and I mean no one else ever says " in stock" when truly they don't. Just a hook and bait.

Only one person in the forums i seen get theirs quick. Everyone else? Is still waiting.

Yep I’m giving it till this week for some sort of communication on the status. If nothing I’m pulling all my services. Too bad. I have been a Telus loyal since the 90s when they were Clearnet. But something has slipped. And Rogers keeps calling me for my business.

Hello @Actionjax

Agreed. I ordered mine June 24th and showed 6-8 weeks.

2 Authorized Telus stores and 1 Corporate Telus store said they have been Tom's Telus will get them starting Monday. A couple of people have ordered them via the store and this is what the stores have been told. Now again I'm taking this with a grain of salt until I see a change. I get the pandemic slowed things down but they haven't done much to reassure that they will come before the summer ends 😂.

As for Rogers. Rogers doesn't carry the IPad Pro 12.9. They only carry the 11. As someone who left Rogers? They aren't exactly any better. However they have made more efforts on their forums ( which I also help on) they have actual working Rogers reps which help out and give u information.