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Peace of Mind Plan… throttling, what Telus doesn’t mention.

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This is my second summer using the Peace of Mind Plan on my iPhone. I use a second device (iPad) to access the internet when we travel for road maps, businesses such as fuel and rest stops, even to play podcasts or music while on the road. We boost our Data plan to 50Gb’s and still need to ration our usage for one important reason, we loose the tethering feature at the end of the 50Gb’s. The customer service never informs the customer this will occur, they simply say, “If you use up your data, no problem, your high-speed is reduced and you still have full access.” The devices tethered and using mobile hotspot feature from your phone are cut off. Telus offers a limited number of 3Gb’s for an additional $15.00.


Is omission of information misleading the customer? Despite identifying this issue last summer, Telus again failed to alert me when mentioning the slowdown, that the tethering would also end. Is it too much to ask for full disclosure when you purchase goods and services? Why should we have to wonder why we can’t access our road map on our iPad to discover this issue?



On your contract under included services there should be a “Hotspot up to xxGB” listed. The rep should have informed you that the hotspot would be disabled but it is listed there.


You mentioned an iPad, would it happen to be a cellular enabled model or Wi-Fi only? If it is a cellular enabled device then on the Peace of Mind Connect plans would be able to activate it and once the full speed data is depleted it would continue to work at the reduced speeds as well. There would be the one time connection charge to get it setup but after that would be a $0 charge on a monthly basis for the data for the device.

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The full fine print is on their website for that plan, including that the hotspots no longer being available once you have reached the data cap. >>> Scroll down to FAQs


Why can I not share data on a Peace of Mind Plan?

Peace of Mind Plans are built for users who want to enjoy their data without having to worry about overage
costs, data limits and data consumption by other users on the account. On all of our Peace of Mind cell
phone plans, you can mobile hotspot within a certain range so that friends and family can use your data.
Data usage for mobile hotspotting is available up until the high speed threshold.

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Your iPad accesses web pages in desktop mode, rather than mobile mode, using more data than a phone would, so you might reduce data volumes by judicious use of the two devices. You could also choose mapping software such as Here Maps, or Copilot, which store maps on your device, removing the need for data use.


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