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P30 Pro update = bad battery life?

Just Moved In

Back in Feb when the update was released, I updated the phone and found my battery life dropped significantly.  Under the same usage, I was having to charge every day, vs every second day.  Begrudgingly, I performed a full factory reset and waited a week for the OS to do its optimizations, but was surprised to find battery life had still not improved and I was still having to charge daily.  After about a week and a half, I had had enough and rolled back to Android 9 and I am back to charging every second day again.  Thankfully the process was easy to do.  You just have to download the Huawei Hisuite software on your PC and the option to roll back to an older OS is in the menus.

My brother has the Rogers P30 Pro and has still not seen the update notification for Android 10, and I'm wondering if they have not released it to their customers yet because they are aware of the battery life issue and are still trying to ironing that out.

Just wondering if anyone else with the P30 Pro has had the same problem? 



Don't own a P30 Pro but do have P20 Pro that is "supposedly" getting EMUI 10 sometime this month (Mar). As it stands now mine can easily go 2-days too so it'll be interesting see what the battery results are w/10, when and if it arrives... Not holding my breath just yet LOL. Finding info in regards to Huawei updates here in Canada to be pretty vague for the most part so take a bit of interest even if doesn't pertain to my device. P.S. Haven't read any complaints on Android Central about the P30 Pro EMUI 10 update and diminished battery life either.