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Ordered a phone upgrade, didn't receive it, but I'm paying for it?

Just Moved In

I've never had a problem with Telus, but my latest experience is really lowering my opinion of the brand.


I ordered an iPhone 11 Pro upgrade on Oct 2, and received the "Your order is on it's way" email on Oct 4, with a UPS tracking number.   Days passed, and the UPS tracking status stayed stuck at "A label has been created".    I spoke with UPS support, and they told me that they never received the phone from Telus.    I spoke with Telus support, and they told me that UPS picked up the phone.    Telus had UPS open an investigation 20 days ago, and still no status.    


So no phone, no clear indication of what will happen, AND I'm paying for the phone on a 2-year commitment.   The order number can't be tracked any longer on the Telus website, and Telus support can't really tell me anything, other than they'll send an email to the team investigating.   As far as I'm concerned, this is between Telus and UPS - I'm not sure why I'm having to bear the uncertainty and inconvenience of this.


Has anybody else experienced something like this?



Hey, I'm on a similar situation right now. (


Could you tell me how did it end up?

Friendly Neighbour
Sometimes, Telus customer center or Telus webstore guys are never helpful.
Why dont you contact Telus loyalty retention team?
You just make a phonecall to Sevice center and ask them to transfer you to Loyalty retention team.
Loyalty retention team has more power and right to solve the ptoblem and make negotuation.
In your case, the problem is between ups and Telus.
I think you can explain this situation to Loyalty team guys and say that you are 100% a victim.
Then ask them to solve the problem quickly.
If you are really disappointed from telus and ready to move to other competitors, you can also say them you are also considering moving to other company service if this problem continues.
Then the Loyalty team guys can be more diligent to solve this problem or may give you another option or negotiation.
At any case, you can absolutely ask to Loyalty team guys for any kinds of compensation.
You lost days, you had to spend time to call to ups and telus and you also had lot of disappointed and stressed from telus.
Explain this situation and ask them to pay any kinds of compensation.
If you ask them, usually they offer any kinds of compensation such as one time credit ot discounted monthly payments, etc.