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My Telus error after eSIM conversion

I converted my iPhone physical SIM to eSIM and now My Telus app errors out and cannot see my usage or even my plan details. Only billing info is available. Same errors with my Telus site. Phone works ok.

Community Manager
Community Manager

That's a good question. From what I understand here in Canada the info on your plan will always link to the primary SIM. I checked with our Mobility network team and they said since you can still use the phone, it's most likely an issue you'd need our Mobility team to correct for you. Give them a shout at 1-866-558-2273 and they can take a look.

Both my iphone 13 and my wife’s iphone 11 have same issue. Is there a way to revert back to the now inactive physical SIM? Telus support site had the steps for the conversion with no warning. A Telus support agent assured me the SIM or the device has nothing to do with it and that this similar issue was reported with iphone users since July 14 and still under investigation. I have a feeling the issue is related to the eSim conversion since it occurred to me right after. I hope Support is communicating to the team that is investigating about the eSim conversion since they assume not related.

The problem affecting iPhone users and no ETA yet on a solution.


Once a SIM is deactivated, it can not be reactivated.  You can purchase a new physical SIM from your local Telus Store or order one online and have them convert your eSIM back to a pSIM.