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Lost device ( telus wont help)

My 2 year bussiness plan was finishing and I started to get hundreds of calls from telus to renew with them. Long story short i got 5 lines with 5 phones.
There where two tracking numbers and two boxes for the phones. One in one box (as it was new line) and 4 in the other box.
Canada post dropped one box with the one phone and both the boxes showed delivered.
I contacted telus they asked me to wait. Then called again they asked me to call canada post, upon 1 week with canada post they said after our investigation they couldn’t find the package, that showed delivered and told me to contact telus to start there investigation.
I have called telus 5 times now. They call keep saying someone will call you back. No one ever does. Today on call they said I cant talk to a manager as theyre busy. HOW UNPROFESSIONAL IS THAT.
I have lost all trust in telus and just thinking of canceling everything with telus till i have the time.
4 phone’s missing but i am paying for the lines now GREAT.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Very sorry to hear that, @Zeek 


We'd love to escalate this for you and have a manager call you back instead. Reach out to us over at our Twitter account or send us a private message at our Facebook page and we can verify your account to start the process, thanks.

A manager reached out to me who was highly unprofessional called brian. He kept giving the impression that that phone had been delivered and it was my fault. Kept insisting on getting a police report and that without that he cant do anything. I told him i have a busy schedule and i dont have time for all of this and that cancel everything with telus of mine. He said i cannot cancel anything unless i get the phones back. I told him thats not his headache ill see telus in court. He simply said i cannot do that. Long story short i got the police report and still he keeps making my life miserable with so many questions.

Its been over two weeks I haven’t heard back from anyone. I have talked on twitter and messenger and everyone keeps telling the same thing “someone will reach out to you”
I have lost all hope on telus. A very pathetic company who cant even solve a case in over a month time.