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Impressively slow internet connection

Can someone at TELUS please explain to me why:

a) my “high speed” internet is so slow that I can barely FaceTime, stream videos without having to wait for buffering or load websites quickly (e.g it took me 3 minutes to get to this screen just due to waiting for pages to load)

B) why my dialed back speed is so slow. Essentially is so slow I don’t even have internet to really rely on. I’m forced to try to open web pages multiple times before it will actually load. It’s also impossible to watch any videos.

C) why there is a data cap on hotspotting???

I used to be with Sasktel and only came here because they made it sound like a much better deal. I’m kicking myself because my Sasktel service was 1000x better. And I would be cancelling this service in a heartbeat if it weren’t for the high fee I’d have to pay to get out (new phones came with the 2 year plan). Only one month in and I already know this is going to be a painfully long two years that I can’t wait to get out of.

I tried talking to a customer service agent and I was told to come here. Which really doesn’t make sense to me, but hopefully someone can give me some insight into this terrible service.

Community Power User
Community Power User

If you are trying to use your phone as an internet connection, especially just now, you will be very disappointed. You are one of hundreds using the cellular network for tasks that weren’t expected even a month ago.

A few points:

- the Telus network runs on SaskTel towers in Saskatchewan.

- “hotspotting” at less than 512 kbps would be exceedingly painful even if allowed. The unlimited data plans really are meant to allow you to limp along on your phone until the next billing period. They are not a replacement for terrestrial internet.

- you can exit your Telus contract by paying your device balance

- even terrestrial internet is slower just now. Netflix has dropped their streaming quality to reduce bandwidth consumption on the internet.



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Fair point for overload on systems currently. However with Sasktel, even when we were dialed down, we were able to stream movies and use internet as usual with no hotspot limit. It was actually faster than the normal internet service provided in our area. We never “limped along” with the dialed down service.

It is the cost of the device payout that is the reason for not leaving now.