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Pixel 4 xl

Just Moved In

Hello. Random question. I was just wondering why I can see on Google that Telus has the 4 xl, but the website only has up to the 3 xl? Does that mean that they are just out of stock? If so, if anyone knows when more would come in? Thanks in advance.



Either there's a stock shortage or Telus & Koodo decided to drop the Pixel 4 line? Quick search brings up a Telus page stating "Sorry, this device isn't available right now" so very well could be they are having a tough time getting in stock. Bell, Rogers,and Virgin Mobile appear to still have them listed/available. Could try calling or chatting online with them and see what they say, have a feeling you may come away none the wiser though.

Seems kinda silly to drop the 4 line since it is the newest, but then again what does make sense these days? 🤣. I knew that Bell, rogers and virgin does, but I'm wanting a plan through Telus as I've heard more good things about them than other providers.