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Help with poor device.


Ben with Telus for 26 years. Had good and bad phones, survived all. Now, I have a Pixel 8, and the battery does not last six hours with moderate use - emails, random searches and reading news. No videos or social media. Locked with the rest of the contract. Talking to Telus agents is like explaining Norway to a dog, to borrow from Slow Horses. Any suggestions?  


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Community Power User

If you look at the battery usage under the system settings, what does it say is using most of the power?


Have you reached out to Google? It is their device and there are other users experiencing issues with battery life on their Pixels. Some seem to think that a weak cellular signal will also cause the Pixel phones to expend more energy 


One of the discussions from Google's support forum recommends starting with this troubleshooting:


Another discussion from Google about battery life:

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Thanks. This is not the first phone I use, and my usage pattern has not changed since I got this device five months ago. Checked app usage, all normal within 2-3%, yet by 11am it shows 31% battery. Used today email, some browsing and read two newspapers.
I did not get the phone from Google, so I see no reason to chase them.
Regrettably this is a bad phone, or I got a lemon.

Excuse typos sent via handheld.

Outside of the initial return period, why do you think it's Telus' responsibility?


If you paid for additional device insurance, then you can file a claim for battery or device replacement. 


Otherwise they fulfilled their requirements as a vendor selling you a Google phone with Google software that carries a Google warranty. It is most definitely Google you need to chase. Nighthawk has provided some good starting points.

I see that my note has made a wave; maybe someone at Telus will take notice.

To the replies:

I did not buy a phone from Telus, I bought a service, and they provided a tool to enable that. If the tool fails, I pay and do not get the value.

I spoke to Telus support, who was nice enough to confirm it is under warranty, suggested to see the dealer who will test and take further action. Got the phone online, so gone to a neighborhood dealer who was not interested, just said I should use less apps. This is silly, to say the least. I do have apps, most of which are dormant. Using at most half a dozen on a busy day.

If I am to approach Google, Telus agents should direct me there with a contact number. This was not even suggested.

Thanks to all.

Telus is providing you with network access, not device support unless you specifically pay for it as mentioned. This isn't a network access, availability, coverage, or similar issue; it's a battery issue on a manufacturer's device with either their apps or apps from their play store, so that's where the responsibility lies, with Google. That goes double for a known issue across carriers as Nighthawk's second link shows, further reinforcing that it's a Device issue (Google), NOT a network issue.


It would be like you blaming the power company because your Computer, TV, or Washing machine isn't performing as expected.

Pretty straightforward for most consumers.


As for a number to contact Google, good luck, even dealers don't have a "call Google" number, and the limited resources that are available are guarded because the general public would use it to complain about issues not related to them, similar to you complaining to Telus about Google's device. You can follow Google's warranty contact procedures that came with your Pixel or available online, which are deliberately obtuse. But.. again... that is not a Telus issue, it's a Google issue,

I think it's probably a combination of things. Google sea to not have great battery life in the first place, but moderate use should still get you to two thirds of a day. Are you in a weaker coverage area where the device is always switching between a few towers? Is your e-mail app on your device excessively checking for new e-mail? Sometimes a factory reset without restoring a backup is the best way to rule out software issues with the device.

Personally, my s23 Ultra gets two full days on moderate use and a day and a half of very heavy use. You might want to consider one of those or the s24 Ultra for your next upgrade.